Why is The Sky Blue?

why the sky is blue

why is the sky blue

When the sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface, the first step that must be traversed by the Sun light is passed through an invisible layer of air or are known as the atmosphere. In outer space, the sun light which at first did not interact with any media while entering the Earth’s atmosphere begins to interact with the molecules of the air. These molecules can cause the light to dispersed in all directions.

At a time when sunlight passes through a layer of air or atmosphere, the length of the air molecules are thousand times smaller than the wavelength of light from the sun itself. This causes the Sun light dispersed into several kinds of waves of colors like purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

The blue color is the strongest color scattered or at least four times more powerful than the scattering of other colors. The sky looks blue is a result of wave scattering of sunlight which is dominated by scattering blue light waves. In fact, the sky does not have colors, but colors are created as a results from the scattering of light from the Sun.

When the night is also the same condition occured. Blue color that appears when a full moon or when the moon shines on the Earth are as a result of the scattering Sun light by air molecules which caused the sky is dominated by the color of blue.



traverse means to travel across an extended area.


atmosphere is the mass of air surrounding the Earth


To interact means to communicate and react to the people you’re involved with.


dispersed means distributed or spread over a considerable extent


scattered means distributed over widely spaced and irregular intervals in time or space

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