The Village of Edensor, A Charming Village in England

Edensor Village in England

Edensor Village in England

While entering the village, your eyes will be treated to views of wide sprawling green nature. Yup, this beautiful village of Edensor, always attracted the attention of tourists. Let’s see it now.

Still Original and Well Maintained

The village of Edensor is located in the Peak District, Sheffield, Derbyshire, England. Besides the stunning natural scenery, in this village there are farmhouses made of stone and wood roofs. There is not much has changed in this village. From the past until today, the beauty atmosphere of this village is still maintained.

There is a towering building that stands out in this village. That is the church St. Peter. This place of worship was built in 1870. The existence of the church St. Peter has become the landmark of the village of Edensor which will be directly visible from a distance.

King’s Mansion

Besides the church St. Peter, the village has many other historical buildings. One of them is Chatsworth House.

The building in a large house was the home of the royal family of Dukes of Devonshire. The shape of the building such as typical old houses in European’s movie. The form of a house like this is called Baroque. Usually the house was built from corrugated walls and had many ornaments carving. The beauty and uniqueness of the village of Edensor and the houses are still original and maintained until this time, this caused the village is often used for filming.

There is another uniqueness of this village. We can see the sheep, horses and other farm animals running around in the wild. Wow, exactly like in the film.



treated means prepared or converted from a natural state by subjecting to a special process


sprawling used for describing things that extend across a large area


stunning is strikingly beautiful or attractive


landmark is the position of a prominent or well-known object in a particular landscape

corrugated wall

corrugated wall means the wall which was molded into tight ridges and valleys

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