The Super Ants

Leafcutter Ants

Leafcutter Ants

Do not underestimate the ants. This little creature has incredible super powers

The Super Strong

The ant’s weight is only about 1-5 mg. Surprisingly, ants estimated can carry loads weighing 10-50 times their weight, everyday. It was like we lift a car. More again, according to the researchers, the ants can actually lift loads weighing 5,000 times to their weight. Wow, they are super strong, right. What’s their secret? The researchers said that the ants have strong neck joint to withstand the loads lifted.

The Heatproof

A superhot Sahara Desert did not make silver ant Cataglyphis bombycina fear and hiding. Silver ant still active even though the temperature reached 70 degrees Celsius. Wow, its very hot.

What is the secret of silver ants? According to the researchers, silver ants has a unique fur lining at the top and the side of his body. This feather maintain silver ant’s body temperature to keep it cool, by reflecting back the sun’s rays on a silver ant’s body.

Silver Ants

Silver Ants

The Digging Experts

The ants are famous for its digging experts. One of them is a leaf cutter ants. Leaf cutter ants can build very big and complicated nests underground. The hassle nest is almost the same with the hassle of man made building “Wall of China”.

At the time of digging, leaf-cutter ants can dig 40 tons of soil. Very deep nest, up to 8 meters below the ground level. After years of digging the nest, leaf-cutter ants can reach tens of meters depth.

The Fastest jaw

What is the fastest animal jaw clenched his mouth? You might guess the answer is a wild animals such as crocodiles or lions. Wrong, the correct answer is Odontomachus bauri ants.

These ants can clamped their jaws at the speed of 125-233 kilometers per hour. This can be compared as 2,300 times faster than the human eye blink!

Jaw speed possessed by these ants serve to capture prey and fight the enemy. At the time against the enemy, these ants can clamped the jaw and can jump high to save themselves.

Marabunta Ants

Marabunta Ants

The Savage Armies

Do not underestimate the ants, especially army ants or commonly called Marabunta. Army ants are very savage and have a deadly bite. Their flock consists of hundreds of thousands to millions of ants. When the herd was out of their nest, immediately … run.

Marabunta swarms could attack any creature that moves and blocking his way. Frog, tarantula spiders, scorpions, up to snakes, will not be able to move slightly when against the herd of invading Marabunta. It is terrible.



creature is a living organism characterized by voluntary movement


withstand  means resist or confront with resistance


fur is the fuzzy hair on an animal


nest is a structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young


hassle is something that is bothersome or annoying


jaw is the part of the skull of a vertebrate that frames the mouth and holds the teeth


clench means squeeze together tightly


clamp is a tool that’s used to secure two things tightly together


to blink is to briefly close your eyes


possess means have as an attribute, knowledge, or skill


savage means wild and menacing


herd is a group of wild animals of one species that remain together


swarm is a group of many things in the air or on the ground


slightly means in a slim or slender manner; smooth


terrible means causing fear or dread or terror

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