The Lake of Strawberry Milk

Lac Rose, The Strawberry Milk Lake

Lac Rose, The Strawberry Milk Lake

The fans of strawberry milk surely are salivating, if looking at this lake. They must be want to sip the sweet water of the lake. Why not? because the water in the lake is indeed pink colored.

Lac Rose

Strange but true. The water in the lake Retba, Senegal, West Africa is colored pink. Just like the color of strawberry milk, it’s simply amazing. In the local area, the lake known as Lac Rose (Pink Lake).

According to experts, the pink color of the lake was caused by the presence of microorganisms that live in the lake. The name is Dunaliella Salina. Well, the number of Dunaliella Salina in this lake is very much. Allegedly, this super small creatures realy likes salt. During the dry season, its pink color will be clearly visible.

Lac Rose, The Strawberry Milk Lake from Aerial View

Lac Rose, The Strawberry Milk Lake from Aerial View

Red Pigment

Dunaliella Salina microorganisms produce red pigments in the body. The pigment was formed with the help of sunlight. The energy from the body of Dunaliella Salina is what can make the water turn into pink.

Besides the color is very unique, this lake has another attraction. This lake contains extremely high levels of salt. In fact, at the edge of the lake you will looking many pile chunks of salt. If you want to try to swim in this lake, then you can try to float while sleeping in the lake. Moreover, there are many resident gather the salt in this lake.

Well, still imagining a sweet strawberry milk when you see this lake? Or imagine a salty strawberry milk?

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