The Cool Green Island

kulusuk Town in Southeast Greenland

Kulusuk Town in Southeast Greenland

Air temperature on this island is very cold. But, where? It said that this island is the largest island in the world. Guess, what is the name of this cool island?

This island is located in the northern part of Atlantic Ocean. The geographic location showed that this island is a part of the North American continent. The total area is ​​about 2 million square km, and 80 percent of this area are covered with snow. Wow! No wonder if the air temperature on this island is very cold, only the coastal areas in the south and west coast that could be inhabited by humans.

Greenland Island

Yup, this cold island is called Greenland. In Danish called “Kalaallit Nunaat”. This island is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Since 1979, Greenland’s independence, the city of Nuuk serve as the island’s capital. Queen of the kingdom of Denmark is the head of state in this green island.

Based on population data, there are around 58,000 peoples inhabited this place. Almost the entire population of Green Island residents are Inuit (Eskimo). However, there is also a small part of the Europeans. Livelihood of the majority population of Greenland is fishing.

Temperatures in Greenland are very cold and could reach -20 Celsius degrees. But this does not mean that the sun never shines. We can still see the sun shining, but certainly not all the time. Sun usually shines in June through August, so the weather on that months slightly warmed.

Some experts revealed that the ice in Greenland is currently shrinking. Ice are melted as a result of changes in global climate which gets hotter at this decade.



island is a piece of land that is surrounded on all sides by water


continent is one of the seven largest landmasses found on Earth


coast means the area where the land meets the sea; the seashore


inhabited is lived in by the owner


Danish is a Scandinavian language (or nation) that is the official of Denmark


capital (city) means the government headquarters of a state


state is the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation


resident means someone who lives at a particular place for a prolonged period or who was born there


livelihood is the job you work at to earn the income that supports you


slightly is a small degree or extent


revealed is to make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret


shrinking is process or result of becoming less or smaller


climate is the weather conditions in a particular region


decade is a period of 10 years

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