The Cookies Thief

The cokie thief

The Cookie Thief

On one family, there are three siblings, namely, Paul, Sarah and John. They live together with their mother, while their father was long dead. John used to be called by his brothers as “the fat one”, because his body is bigger and fatter compared to his older brother. John’s favorite food is cookie.

One time they had to move to the village, because there have been riots in the city where they live. In the village, they lived in a large old house that had long been inhabited, the house is a house inherited from their grandmother. Why do they not inhabit the house of the first. According to them, the house was too big for a small family like them. But now they are forced to move into the house, because of being pressured by circumstances.

The old house has now been cleaned of cobwebs and other impurities, and has been ready for occupancy.


One day, the mother gives some cookies to their children, each get two cookies. Paul put the cookies on the table, he kept it to eat tonight. Likewise with Sarah. But, John immediately devour them. John was very fond of cookies.

Night has arrived, Paul and Sarah wants to take their cookies which they had put on the table. But they were surprised, because their cookies was no longer on the table. And they suspect and accused John who took it. Because they know John loves cookies. However, John did not want to admit it. Thus, there was a brief quarrel between them.

Soon Mother came and reconcile them. Mother promised to replace the missing cookies tomorrow.


The next day, mother kept her word and give each one a cookies to Paul and Sarah. As a punishment, John is not given a cookies. John felt very sad, he really liked cookies but this time he did not get it. While Paul and Sarah, put the cake back on the table.

When their mother sweep the floor, she saw a rat that was eating cookies belongs to Paul and Sarah. Seeing this, the mother then called her children, Paul, Sarah and John. Mother then told them that it was not John who took the cookies yesterday, but rats. Paul and Sarah immediately apologized to John because they had accused him of taking their cookies. John was verry happy because the mother gave him a cookie again instead.



riot is a violent outburst by a crowd.


cobweb is the net of sticky threads that a spider weaves to catch insects.


An impurity is something that ruins the uncontaminated nature of something. worthless or dangerous material that should be removed


eat immoderately, eat greedily


having or displaying warmth or affection


suspect is a person who is believed to be guilty of a crime.


a defendant in a criminal proceeding


to make different things come together or resolve a matter.

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