The City of Shibam, The Oldest Skyscrapers City in The World

The City of Shibam, Yemen

The City of Shibam, Yemen

The city of Shibam is filled with high-rise buildings. The city is called as the oldest skyscrapers city in the world.

The city of Shibam is located in Yemen. In this city there are about 500 old House which has 5 to 11 stories. The highest buildings in the city reached 30 meters. Because of the presence of tall buildings in the middle of this desert city, then the city of Shibam called as the “Manhattan of The Desert”. Named Manhattan because the city is similar to the city of Manhattan in New York. Manhattan also has a lot of tall buildings.

The World’s Best Building

The buildings in the city of Shibam is regarded as one of the oldest and the best buildings in the world. Why? It is because the buildings in the city of Shibam still stand to this day. In fact, the average buildings here has been built since around the 16th century.

According to the history, the city of Shibam was established in the 3rd century, however in year 1532 – 1533 the city of Shibam was wracked by floods and resulted in many of the building being destroyed. Nevertheless, there are still many good buildings remain standing since first established, like the mosque Friday that was built in the 9th century. In addition, there is also a Fort which was built in the 13th century.

Reflection of Shibam - "Manhattan of the desert"Reflection of Shibam - "Manhattan of the desert"

Reflection of Shibam – “Manhattan of the desert”

Repaired Regularly

Since the wracked by floods, buildings in the city were built with more solid. The most threatening danger here is rain and erosion.

The people of the city of Shibam did a lot of ways to protect their buildings. One of them is to coating the roof and some parts which start broken by using a sealant, a kind of protective coating on buildings.

The people of the city of Shibam always make sure their buildings well maintained and repaired them regularly. Since 1982, the city of Shibam has listed into the UNESCO World’s Heritage.


high-rise buildings

buildings which has many stories/floors equipped with elevators; tall buildings


skycraper is a very tall building with many stories


stories (in building) is a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale


regarded is the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded)


average is an intermediate scale value regarded as normal or usual


wracked is the destruction or collapse of something


threatening is foreshadowing evil or tragic developments


sealant is a kind of sealing material that is used to form a hard coating on a porous surface (as a coat of paint or varnish used to size a surface)


a thin layer covering something

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