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The Village of Edensor, A Charming Village in England

Edensor Village in England

While entering the village, your eyes will be treated to views of wide sprawling green nature. Yup, this beautiful village of Edensor, always attracted the attention of tourists. Let’s see it now. Still Original and Well Maintained The village of Edensor is located in the Peak District, Sheffield, Derbyshire, England. Besides the stunning natural scenery, […]

Polkadot Stingray

Xingu River Polkadot Stingray

It’s not just clothes that are beautiful with polkadot pattern. Animals are also cool when have body spots like polka circles. Look at the stingrays Potamotrygon leopoldi. It’s body color is not black or grey plain as usual. But, it’s body is a unique style of Polka, namely in the form of a pattern of white […]