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The Gate of Hell in Turkmenistan

Gate of Hell in Turkmenistan

Terrible. The fire is blazing from inside a hole in the Karakum Desert, Derweze, Turkmenistan. People call that hole with the name “The Gate of Hell”. But strangely, the gate of hell is always visited by many people. In fact, this place is a tourism object. But first, do not believe that the hole was really […]

The Super Ants

Leafcutter Ants

Do not underestimate the ants. This little creature has incredible super powers The Super Strong The ant’s weight is only about 1-5 mg. Surprisingly, ants estimated can carry loads weighing 10-50 times their weight, everyday. It was like we lift a car. More again, according to the researchers, the ants can actually lift loads weighing 5,000 […]