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Civet Versus Mongoose

Asian Palm Civet

Last night there are some noises heard in the chicken coop of Mr. Brown. This morning, when Mr. Brown checked his own chicken coop, he found that one of his chicken is lost. “Uh, it must be stolen by civet” he said. After he investigated, finally he found that not the civet who stole his […]

Arrow Crab the spider crab

Arrow Crab the Spider Crab

Do not call it spider because it will be upset. Although, it shape is like spider, but it is a crab! The spider leg This crab is called the arrow crab, or Stenorhynchus seticornis. The arrow crab is really like spiders, especially “daddy long legs” spider. Look at the all eight legs which are long and […]

How Are Clouds Formed?

Clouds Forms

When the sky is clear, we could see clouds in the sky. The clouds looked like white cottons flying in the sky. When the sky is clear, the clouds will look so white. Often we see the white clouds of various shapes. Sometimes lumpy, sometimes spread and thin, sometimes it shaped like fish scales, or […]