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The City of Shibam, The Oldest Skyscrapers City in The World

The City of Shibam, Yemen

The city of Shibam is filled with high-rise buildings. The city is called as the oldest skyscrapers city in the world. The city of Shibam is located in Yemen. In this city there are about 500 old House which has 5 to 11 stories. The highest buildings in the city reached 30 meters. Because of the […]

Persia, The First Producer of Biscuits

Assortment of Biscuits

Persian Country is regarded as the first biscuit producer. Biscuits was already there since the 7th century or around 600 – 690 A.D. Did you ever heard a country named Persians? Persia is actually another name for the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the past, European countries called Iran as Persia. This is because the […]