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Mua Roi Nuoc, Puppet Show On The Water

Mua Roi Nuoc, Puppet Dance On Water

We have known various puppets as interesting performances that can be watched by all ages. In Vietnam there is also a puppet show which are unique and different from the usual puppet show we see. Water Puppet The puppet in Vietnam is made of a wooden material. It weighs around 15 kilograms. The unique stage […]

Tanbo Art – Art Painting on Paddy Field

Tanbo Art, Rice Paddy Field Painting in Japan

This rice terraces is not only just produces rice. Here you can see beautiful paintings using paddy field as a canvas. Hmmm… curious, right? Keeping The Tradition This art is known as the Rice Paddy Art, in Japanese language its name is Tanbo Art. The tradition of painting in the middle of rice paddy fields […]