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Quokka, The Happiest Animal

Quokka The Happiest Animal In The World

They are the native animals of Australia which is known as “The Happiest Animals”. Well, what is it?   Always smiling Quokka is their name, and the Latin name is Setonix brachyurus. Quokka’s shape is similar to a weasel, but their fur are gray and brown with a rounded ears. Quokka always seen smiling. That’s why […]

The Mystery of The Giant Stone Statues on Easter Island

Giant Stone Statues of Easter Island

Easter Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean, South America. This triangular shaped island is part of the Chile. This remote island is famous for its hundreds of giant stone statues shaped like a human head relics of the past. Even UNESCO has already put it in the world heritage site. What is the […]