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Loktak Lake and The Moving Island

Loktak Lake

This super wide lake is almost filled with small islands shaped like a ring. Uniquely, these islands can move on its own. The Unique lake Loktak lake its name. This lake is located in the province of Manipur, India. Loktak lake is one of the largest lake in the world. Small islands on its surface […]

Faroe Islands, The Island of The Sheep

Beautiful Scenery of Faroe Island

The number of sheep on this island is much more than the number of humans. Between Scotland and Iceland Allegedly, the islands were newly discovered in the 6th century by an Irish priest named St. Brendan. At that time, he was traveling to the North Atlantic Ocean. Between Scotland and Iceland, he noticed a row […]

The Cool Green Island

Kulusuk Town in Southeast Greenland

Air temperature on this island is very cold. But, where? It said that this island is the largest island in the world. Guess, what is the name of this cool island? This island is located in the northern part of Atlantic Ocean. The geographic location showed that this island is a part of the North […]