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Pete’s Dragon – The Friendship Between A Little Boy and A Dragon

Disney - Pete's dragon

What if a 10 years old little boy make a friendship with a giant dragon? Hmmm… And, what if they are live in the forest? This is the basic story which will been told in Pete’s Dragon. Pete’s Dragon actually is the remake of the film with the same title which has been made in […]

The Breathing Forest

The Breathing Forest

If you look it from far away, this forest is just like another forest. But it is different when you walk inside. The surface of the earth will moves up and down like a giant who were sleeping and breathing. The earth movement up and down is like breathing, then makes this forest called as […]

Watching the Red Crabs Fleeing

Red Crabs Migration

If you want to see this unique event, you can do traveling to the Christmas Island. But, hey, where are they going? Every early rain season In everyday life, these red crabs live in humid forest. Then, when early rainy season, there are about 100 millions of red crabs running out from the forest. This […]