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Hyrax, the Singer of the Desert

Hyrax, the Singer of the Desert

In the dry desert, you can hear sound like a song but nobody in there. So, who was singing?     Mountain’s inhabitant The sound of desert is come from hyrax, little mammal which inhabit the desert. Hyrax communicates with tone sound. Sometime with high tone sound, other time with lower tone sound. The hyrax’s […]

Have Fun in Lego Land

Legoland Malaysia

Remember the game of Lego? The game to arrange colorful blocks is certainly be fun for children and adults. Well, there is good news for those who are happy with the game because this September will open a new playground, Lego Land, in Johor, Malaysia. The presence of Lego Land will certainly increase the number […]

The Cool Green Island

Kulusuk Town in Southeast Greenland

Air temperature on this island is very cold. But, where? It said that this island is the largest island in the world. Guess, what is the name of this cool island? This island is located in the northern part of Atlantic Ocean. The geographic location showed that this island is a part of the North […]