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Polkadot Stingray

Xingu River Polkadot Stingray

It’s not just clothes that are beautiful with polkadot pattern. Animals are also cool when have body spots like polka circles. Look at the stingrays Potamotrygon leopoldi. It’s body color is not black or grey plain as usual. But, it’s body is a unique style of Polka, namely in the form of a pattern of white […]

Persia, The First Producer of Biscuits

Assortment of Biscuits

Persian Country is regarded as the first biscuit producer. Biscuits was already there since the 7th century or around 600 – 690 A.D. Did you ever heard a country named Persians? Persia is actually another name for the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the past, European countries called Iran as Persia. This is because the […]