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The Lake of Strawberry Milk

Lac Rose, The Strawberry Milk Lake

The fans of strawberry milk surely are salivating, if looking at this lake. They must be want to sip the sweet water of the lake. Why not? because the water in the lake is indeed pink colored. Lac Rose Strange but true. The water in the lake Retba, Senegal, West Africa is colored pink. Just […]

Faroe Islands, The Island of The Sheep

Beautiful Scenery of Faroe Island

The number of sheep on this island is much more than the number of humans. Between Scotland and Iceland Allegedly, the islands were newly discovered in the 6th century by an Irish priest named St. Brendan. At that time, he was traveling to the North Atlantic Ocean. Between Scotland and Iceland, he noticed a row […]

El Dorado, The Mystery of The Lost City of Gold

El Dorado The Mystery of City of Gold

Allegedly, El Dorado is a very rich town in South America. All-round daily supplies were made of gold. In fact, the king’s body was covered with gold dust. The legend of gold and precious gems are buried in it, and always discussed until now. Is it true that the city of El Dorado were full of gold […]