Nick Woodman, The Creator of GOPRO Camera

Nick WoodmanThe Creator of GoPro Camera

Nick WoodmanThe Creator of GoPro Camera

You certainly already know about GoPro, right. This small camera can record various activities being conducted by the user. Ranging from diving, jumping from a height, even up to the space. Then, who is the creator of this little camera? His Name Is Nick Woodman.

Self-employment But Failed

Nick wanted to be entrepreneurs. At the age of 24, he opened an online gaming site. However, his efforts last only 2 years.

After failing in his first attempt, Nick wants to open a new business. But, he had no idea. Finally, he decided to look for an idea while on vacation and doing his hobby of surfing. So, he did a travel to Indonesia and Australia.

Surfing in Indonesia

For Nick, his trip to Indonesia and Australia to look for an idea is very important. Therefore, he wanted to record it. He want other people also see the cool waves he saw while surfing. Nick then find a way to be able to record the moment when he was surfing. He put the camera in his wrist with simple equipment potluck. As a result, he can record the activity that is being doing. Well, that was the initial idea of the creation of GoPro camera.

Be One Of The Richest People

After coming home from Indonesia and Australia, nick developed his camera. In 2004, Nick founded the company GoPro. The small camera that was originally placed on the wrist, continues to grow up to be held and placed anywhere by the wearer. Now, Nick became one of the richest entrepreneurs in the United States. His small camera used by millions of people in different countries.

According to Nick, while doing his hobby he can get new ideas. Hmmm, this exemplary manner. Yes, certainly a useful hobby.


Full name: Nicholas D Woodman.
Place and date of birth: California, June 24, 1975
Hobbies: Surfing, skiing, mountain bikes, and more.

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