Kohaku, The Red and White Colored Koi

Kohaku Koi Fish

Kohaku Koi Fish

Only the Red and White

At a first glance, the patterns on the body of Koi fish is almost the same. Hmmm, wait for a moment. Take a look more closely. There are different pattern in their body. Yup, simply their body are consists of red and white colors only. But, though all in red and white, but there are a variety of patterns.

Some red pattern on the body of Kohaku makes this Koi fish have the different price. The better the performance, the more expensive.

There are several patterns that are considered not good. This pattern is generally less favored, because it is less beautiful. For example, Kohaku who do not have the red color on his head. This Kohaku will be considered as bald and called bozu (pastor).

There is also a menkaburi pattern (mask). This Kohaku is filled with the kind of red color throughout the head, to the eyes and mouth. The valuable Kohaku is the Koi fish who have very white color. Not yellowish white. The red color should also be sharp. In addition, the fins of Kohaku must also be white.

Clean Water Pool

Koi fish is a type of fish that is easily to maintained. The bright colors in their body makes many people love them very much. Hmmm, even so, there are some things to do if you want to keep the koi fish. First, the koi fish prefer to stay in a spacious place. Thus, the pool is a great base for koi, instead of the aquarium. Depth of pond is about 80 cm.

Try not to exposed koi fish to direct sunlight, because their color can fade. The pool water must be clean using a good filter. Lastly, koi fish should be feed regularly with nutritious food.



glance means a quick look


to consider something means to observe it, or to look at it from many angles


favored means preferred above all others and treated with partiality


bald means someone who has no hair on his head


throughout means keep going from beginning to end


fin is the part of a fish’s body that protrudes into the water and helps it balance and move in various directions


prefer means to like better; select as an alternative over another


spacious means roomy or having plenty of room.


A pond is a pool or a small lake


exposed is uncovered or unprotected


fade means gradually become less clear or more faint; disappear gradually


to feed is to give them something to eat


nutritious describes food that’s good for you

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