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A Rooster and A Golden Cage

A Rooster and A Golden Cage

Kooroo is a rooster who lives in Fortune Land, where people lives peacefully. Each start of the day, he would sound “cock-a-doodle-doo” to waking up people in Fortune land. When dawn has broken he started to awaken sleeping people with his sound. One upon a time, a rich prince arrives to the Fortune Land. He […]

The Seed

The Seed

Once upon a time, there was a shady tree. Underneath this tree, there were two peoples who were being rested. Apparently, there was a merchant with his son who took shelter there. It seems they are exhausted after trading in the city. By rolling out a mat, they sit under the big tree. Breezy winds […]

Tragic Story of Aylan Kurdi

Tragic Stories of Aylan Kurdi

Here is a little story of Aylan Kurdi: The refugee crisis really heartbreaking when the boy who was three years old, Aylan Kurdi, could not survive in the open sea and drowned. The discovery of his body instantly makes the whole world shocked. Imagine, how does such a small boy was suffering the unbearable because […]

El Dorado, The Mystery of The Lost City of Gold

El Dorado The Mystery of City of Gold

Allegedly, El Dorado is a very rich town in South America. All-round daily supplies were made of gold. In fact, the king’s body was covered with gold dust. The legend of gold and precious gems are buried in it, and always discussed until now. Is it true that the city of El Dorado were full of gold […]

The Fox Without A Tail

the fox without a tail

In a jungle, many hunters who deliberately set traps to catch the animal prey. Traps also varied, according to the desired game. There is a small traps to catch rabbits, up to a big trap to catch the bear. At one time, a fox entered the forest which full of traps. Without realizing it, a […]

The Cookies Thief

The Cookie Thief

On one family, there are three siblings, namely, Paul, Sarah and John. They live together with their mother, while their father was long dead. John used to be called by his brothers as “the fat one”, because his body is bigger and fatter compared to his older brother. John’s favorite food is cookie. One time they had […]

Happy Birthday, Rendy

birthday gifts

This morning, Rendy went to school with a very annoyed expression. Why? Because today is his birthday. But unfortunately, his parents did not gave him a gifts. Instead of gifts, this morning there was no birthday greetings. Her mother was busy taking care of Bethy, the only his sister who were aged one year. While his […]

The Crystal Ball

magic crystal ball

This story tells us about the brotherhood between the three brothers who helping each other. Their good attitude finally can overcome all obstacles that must be faced. The end of the story is happy, when the third son defeated the power of magic and freeing the captive princess with the help of two other brothers. […]