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Picturethisclothing – Fun Way to Design Your Dress

Picturethisclothing - Fun Way to Design Your Dress

Who likes to draw? Well, every child likes drawing and coloring. And you must have to spent countless sheets of paper pouring out your imagination. But, it would be a waste to see your work simply piled on pieces of paper. Kids Only In the United States, a mother named Jaimee Newburry came up with […]

5 Entrepreneur Kids with Hundreds Thousand Dollars Revenue

5 Entrepreneur Kids

If most children spend their time playing and school, these children already succeeded to create their own work and have an income to reach Hundreds Thousand Dollars. Here are 5 young entrepreneurs with Hundreds Thousand Dollars in businesses: 1. Moziah Bridges (Mo’s Bows): All starting with his penchant groomed by wearing a bow tie. Moziah […]