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Why Do Birds Fly In “V” Formation?

Birds in V formation

Sometimes we can see the birds that are flying in the sky in groups. If we look more closely, the groups of birds fly in letter “V” formation. This usually happens when the birds are migrating from one place to another by a considerable distance. Then, why do they form a “V” formation? The explanation is […]

Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg? Scientist Solved The Riddle

which came first the chicken or the egg

This riddle has long existed. And each time asked always leads to uncertainty. Chicken came from an egg, but eggs also derived from chicken. So the answer is always swirling here. Or even worse when it is created as the material for a joke, the answer depends on which is called first: the chicken or […]

How Is A Rainbow Formed?

Beautiful colors of rainbow in the sky

Rainbow is one of the natural process that produces an amazingly beautiful scenery. How is the process behind that beautiful colors of a rainbow? A rainbow is formed due to the refraction of sunlight by raindrops that fall to the Earth. When sunlight passes through the water droplets, the light is refracted or deflected in such […]

How Does Lightning Occurs?

How Does Lightning Occurs

Lightning occurs due to the electrical shift from a negative charge to the positive charge. According to the limits of physics, lightning is the leap of sparks between these two giant masses with different electric field. The basic principle is roughly the same as the leap of fire at the spark plug. Lightning is the […]

Why is The Sky Blue?

why is the sky blue

When the sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface, the first step that must be traversed by the Sun light is passed through an invisible layer of air or are known as the atmosphere. In outer space, the sun light which at first did not interact with any media while entering the Earth’s atmosphere begins to interact […]

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