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What is Biomimicry?

What is Biomimicry?

Navigation Technology of GPS (Global Positioning System) can not functioning properly in the room. Therefore, scientists develop other navigation technology that can be used indoors, for example WPS (Wi-Fi Positioning System). This technology utilizes the earth’s magnetic field. Did you know, the scientists get an idea of this technology from ​​what animal? Here are the […]

Formula E, Electric Car Race

Formula E, Electric Car Race

This is the first electric car racing in the world, Formula E. Held by FIA Formula E is first organized in 2014. The organization that host this racing event is the FIA ​​or Federation Internationale de l’Automobile. This organization is also known as the hosts for Formula 1 and various other international races. 10 Round, […]

How Are Clouds Formed?

Clouds Forms

When the sky is clear, we could see clouds in the sky. The clouds looked like white cottons flying in the sky. When the sky is clear, the clouds will look so white. Often we see the white clouds of various shapes. Sometimes lumpy, sometimes spread and thin, sometimes it shaped like fish scales, or […]

Why is Glass Transparent Although Solids

Why is Glass Transparent

Have you ever wondered why the color of glass was clear or transparent? Here is a scientific explanation that had been collected from various sources. As we know, glass is solid objects. And the logic said that the solid materials have a dense molecule so that light would not be able to enter. Actually, the […]

Vozrozhdeniya Island, A Time Bomb Ready to Explode in The Heart of Asia

Vozrozhdeniya Island - A Time Bomb Ready to Explode in The Heart of Asia

This island called as ‘A ticking time bomb ready to explode in the heart of Asia’. Because on this island hidden tens of thousands containers containing the deadly outbreak. Vozrozhdeniya is a small island in the sea border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. In 1954, the island was known by the name of Aralsk-7, a Soviet laboratory […]

Why is The Sun Red at Sunrise and Sunset?

Dispersion of Light

Surely you often see the color of the Sun at the time of sunrise and sunset are orange to red colored. In addition, the shape of the Sun appear larger than usual. Why is this so? The following is an explain for that questions. The light of the sun translated by our eyes as color […]

Persia, The First Producer of Biscuits

Assortment of Biscuits

Persian Country is regarded as the first biscuit producer. Biscuits was already there since the 7th century or around 600 – 690 A.D. Did you ever heard a country named Persians? Persia is actually another name for the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the past, European countries called Iran as Persia. This is because the […]

Why is Human Blood Red?


Simply put, the blood is red because of the presence of haemoglobin. If we look at the blood under a microscope, we will see thousands of tiny cells that looks like a red colored concave dish. If we look at it from the side, these cells will look like a figure eight. The cells were […]

Why do Mosquitoes Suck Blood?

mosquito sucking human blood

Mosquitoes have a short life span, on average they only lived just one week, but very productive breeding. Well, to produce eggs, mosquitoes require essential substances that are contained in the blood. Substances such as amino acids to cholesterol they need it can only be found in the blood, the blood of both animals and […]

Why Can’t Chicken Fly?

Why Can't Chicken Fly

Back when we were little kids, may have heard the tale of chickens who can not fly. It has been told that the chicken can not fly because the chicken was very arrogant and acts fraudulent when the flying race with an eagle being held. In short, the chicken then struck by lightning and punished by […]

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