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Bloody Waterfall in Antarctic

Blood Fall of Antarctic

Antarctic is an area located in the most southern part of the Earth’s surface. Many things that made this region so interesting to know. The name of “Antarctic” has been around since about 2000 years before the continent was discovered. First, a Greece philosopher, Aristotle believed that if any area of the Arctic in the […]

The Gate of Hell in Turkmenistan

Gate of Hell in Turkmenistan

Terrible. The fire is blazing from inside a hole in the Karakum Desert, Derweze, Turkmenistan. People call that hole with the name “The Gate of Hell”. But strangely, the gate of hell is always visited by many people. In fact, this place is a tourism object. But first, do not believe that the hole was really […]

Vozrozhdeniya Island, A Time Bomb Ready to Explode in The Heart of Asia

Vozrozhdeniya Island - A Time Bomb Ready to Explode in The Heart of Asia

This island called as ‘A ticking time bomb ready to explode in the heart of Asia’. Because on this island hidden tens of thousands containers containing the deadly outbreak. Vozrozhdeniya is a small island in the sea border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. In 1954, the island was known by the name of Aralsk-7, a Soviet laboratory […]

Mua Roi Nuoc, Puppet Show On The Water

Mua Roi Nuoc, Puppet Dance On Water

We have known various puppets as interesting performances that can be watched by all ages. In Vietnam there is also a puppet show which are unique and different from the usual puppet show we see. Water Puppet The puppet in Vietnam is made of a wooden material. It weighs around 15 kilograms. The unique stage […]

Tanbo Art – Art Painting on Paddy Field

Tanbo Art, Rice Paddy Field Painting in Japan

This rice terraces is not only just produces rice. Here you can see beautiful paintings using paddy field as a canvas. Hmmm… curious, right? Keeping The Tradition This art is known as the Rice Paddy Art, in Japanese language its name is Tanbo Art. The tradition of painting in the middle of rice paddy fields […]

Meiji Jingu – Silence Shrine in The Middle of The City

Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo

Not far from the bustle of Tokyo downtown, Japan, there is a quiet and silence temple. This is the Shinto shrine as a place of worship for the people. Temple for Emperor Meiji From the outside, it does not appear at all there is a magnificent temple building there. This Meiji Jingu Shrine seems to be located […]

The Cool Green Island

Kulusuk Town in Southeast Greenland

Air temperature on this island is very cold. But, where? It said that this island is the largest island in the world. Guess, what is the name of this cool island? This island is located in the northern part of Atlantic Ocean. The geographic location showed that this island is a part of the North […]

Self-moving Stones in Death Valley

Self-moving Stone At Death Valley

There are hundreds of self-moving stones in Death Valley National Park, California. In fact, no human footprints were seen near the stone. But there are traces of the displacement groove of the stone. Well, it is so strange. Death Valley means valley of death, this place is a desert that became one of the driest […]

The Mystery of The Giant Stone Statues on Easter Island

Giant Stone Statues of Easter Island

Easter Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean, South America. This triangular shaped island is part of the Chile. This remote island is famous for its hundreds of giant stone statues shaped like a human head relics of the past. Even UNESCO has already put it in the world heritage site. What is the […]

The City of Shibam, The Oldest Skyscrapers City in The World

The City of Shibam, Yemen

The city of Shibam is filled with high-rise buildings. The city is called as the oldest skyscrapers city in the world. The city of Shibam is located in Yemen. In this city there are about 500 old House which has 5 to 11 stories. The highest buildings in the city reached 30 meters. Because of the […]

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