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Amazing Green Waves at Moravia

Green wave of Moravia

Czech Republic is a country in East European which has no ocean. However, this country has amazing beautiful green waves in Moravia. The Beauty of Moravia Czech Republic consist of three regions which same as province. Moravia is one of these regions. Moravia is a beautiful region and rich with historical buildings. In Moravia there are […]

The Breathing Forest

The Breathing Forest

If you look it from far away, this forest is just like another forest. But it is different when you walk inside. The surface of the earth will moves up and down like a giant who were sleeping and breathing. The earth movement up and down is like breathing, then makes this forest called as […]

Village On The Water

Kampong Ayer, Brunei Darussalam

This village is known as the Venice from the East. Although located on the water, but this village is sophisticated. Let’s walk around to this village! The Biggest Villages in the World This village is called as “Kampong Ayer”, located on Brunei River, Bandar Seri Begawan City, Brunei Darussalam. It is said that this district […]

Watching the Red Crabs Fleeing

Red Crabs Migration

If you want to see this unique event, you can do traveling to the Christmas Island. But, hey, where are they going? Every early rain season In everyday life, these red crabs live in humid forest. Then, when early rainy season, there are about 100 millions of red crabs running out from the forest. This […]

Dragon Hole at South China Sea

Dragon Hole at South china Sea

This big hole in the middle of the sea was named as Dragon Hole. Is that really a dragon inside that hole? Let’s see. The Legend of the Dragon and the Monkey King This blue hole which located in the middle of the South China Sea, actually was found by China’s scientist. This hole then was […]

The Lake of Strawberry Milk

Lac Rose, The Strawberry Milk Lake

The fans of strawberry milk surely are salivating, if looking at this lake. They must be want to sip the sweet water of the lake. Why not? because the water in the lake is indeed pink colored. Lac Rose Strange but true. The water in the lake Retba, Senegal, West Africa is colored pink. Just […]

The Village of Edensor, A Charming Village in England

Edensor Village in England

While entering the village, your eyes will be treated to views of wide sprawling green nature. Yup, this beautiful village of Edensor, always attracted the attention of tourists. Let’s see it now. Still Original and Well Maintained The village of Edensor is located in the Peak District, Sheffield, Derbyshire, England. Besides the stunning natural scenery, […]

Loktak Lake and The Moving Island

Loktak Lake

This super wide lake is almost filled with small islands shaped like a ring. Uniquely, these islands can move on its own. The Unique lake Loktak lake its name. This lake is located in the province of Manipur, India. Loktak lake is one of the largest lake in the world. Small islands on its surface […]

Faroe Islands, The Island of The Sheep

Beautiful Scenery of Faroe Island

The number of sheep on this island is much more than the number of humans. Between Scotland and Iceland Allegedly, the islands were newly discovered in the 6th century by an Irish priest named St. Brendan. At that time, he was traveling to the North Atlantic Ocean. Between Scotland and Iceland, he noticed a row […]

Have Fun in Lego Land

Legoland Malaysia

Remember the game of Lego? The game to arrange colorful blocks is certainly be fun for children and adults. Well, there is good news for those who are happy with the game because this September will open a new playground, Lego Land, in Johor, Malaysia. The presence of Lego Land will certainly increase the number […]

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