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Dragonfly The Aviator Master

Dragonfly The Aviator Master

Did you know that dragonflies are estimated live since 300 million years ago? Wow! Amazing. Yup, this aviator master still has many other uniqueness. Dragonfly was indeed a transcendent aviator aka flying master. Why? These are some proofs: dragonflies can fly at speeds reached 90 km/h or 60 miles/hour, dragonflies are also able to fly […]

Polkadot Stingray

Xingu River Polkadot Stingray

It’s not just clothes that are beautiful with polkadot pattern. Animals are also cool when have body spots like polka circles. Look at the stingrays Potamotrygon leopoldi. It’s body color is not black or grey plain as usual. But, it’s body is a unique style of Polka, namely in the form of a pattern of white […]

Why do Mosquitoes Suck Blood?

mosquito sucking human blood

Mosquitoes have a short life span, on average they only lived just one week, but very productive breeding. Well, to produce eggs, mosquitoes require essential substances that are contained in the blood. Substances such as amino acids to cholesterol they need it can only be found in the blood, the blood of both animals and […]

Why Can’t Chicken Fly?

Why Can't Chicken Fly

Back when we were little kids, may have heard the tale of chickens who can not fly. It has been told that the chicken can not fly because the chicken was very arrogant and acts fraudulent when the flying race with an eagle being held. In short, the chicken then struck by lightning and punished by […]

Why Do Birds Fly In “V” Formation?

Birds in V formation

Sometimes we can see the birds that are flying in the sky in groups. If we look more closely, the groups of birds fly in letter “V” formation. This usually happens when the birds are migrating from one place to another by a considerable distance. Then, why do they form a “V” formation? The explanation is […]

Fly Eyes Inspire Camera Motion Detector

Fly eyes inspire camera motion detector

Catch flies and put it under a microscope. The structure of fly eyes inspired scientists to develop a motion detection’s video camera, a target detector system for military equipment, and radar. Because, the eyes of a fly known to clearly see the movement of objects that are in the vicinity. This can be done because these insects can […]

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