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Learning English is very important for anyone on this earth. English became the standard language in communication between nations, so that mastering English is an urgent need, and You must learn and mastering English at all costs.

Maybe for some people, learning English tenses extremely difficult. In addition because the number of English tenses are quite a lot that is 16 tenses, methods of studying tenses are still with memorizing formulas pattern is also very difficult for the learner to understand and master it. Therefore, we are having the same difficulty, trying to understand the English tenses through realistic examples in the form of writing that is easily to read.

Learning English through reading also gives a huge benefit, because people who learn will also have benefit from the information read. Interesting information that we presented here would have a process of simplification, so it is not too difficult to understand, even for those who first learn English.

Hopefully this website be our contribution for people who want to mastering English language by reading the writings in easy English.

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