A Rooster and A Golden Cage

Kooroo is a rooster who lives in Fortune Land, where people lives peacefully. Each start of the day, he would sound “cock-a-doodle-doo” to waking up people in Fortune land. When dawn has broken he started to awaken sleeping people with his sound.

One upon a time, a rich prince arrives to the Fortune Land. He said to Kooroo the rooster, ”Kooroo, would you like to work for me? I would be pleased if you wake me up every morning. But, you do not have to wake up before sunrise like you did here.” Kooroo answers, “I cannot work with you”. Then, the prince said, “Well then, tomorrow I will leave from this land. But, I would give you this cage.” The prince gives Kooroo the cage which made of gold with a pillow and velvet bedding on it.

When the night is fall, Kooroo slept deeply in this luxurious cage. Then, in the next morning, something bad was happened, Kooroo was late. He said to himself, “Peoples now must be hated me. But I can work for the prince.”

A Rooster and A Golden Cage

A Rooster and A Golden Cage

Kooroo then made his decision. He works for the prince, so he will sleep in a luxurious cage and eats delicious foods every day. He begins to like his new life now. Until one day, he was sick and failed to do his job.

The prince was very mad with Kooroo, “Get away from here!” he said. Now, Kooroo was very sad and started to cry. Kooroo walk away from the prince’s house and slept in the road. When he was awake in the morning, he was surprised to find himself was in the Fortune Land.

“Kooroo, we have been looking for you in all over this land”, said the leader of Fortune Land. He was the one who found Kooroo in the road and then brought him back to Fortune Land. “I thought that you were angry to me because I was late for waking you up,” said Kooroo. “Nothings compared to your merits, Kooroo. Your only one mistake is doesn’t mean anything,” said the leader of Fortune Land.

Now, Kooroo is very happy to hear that.



Rooster is adult male chicken.


cock-a-doodle-doo is an imitation of the crow of a cock

wake up

wake up means stop sleeping


To awaken someone is to wake them up.


To please someone is to give them pleasure or to make them happy.


cage is an enclosure made or wire or metal bars in which birds or animals can be kept


pillow is something you rest your head on while you sleep.


velvet is a silky densely piled fabric with a plain back


bedding is a sheets, pillowcases, blankets, or any other coverings for a bed.

slept deeply

deep sleep means a sleep that will take a while to wake up from.


luxurious means rich and superior in quality


hated means treated with contempt


decision is the act of making up your mind about something


delicious means greatly pleasing or entertaining

walk away

walk away means go away from


compared means examine and note the similarities or differences of


merits means be worthy or deserving

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